Copter-3.3 released!


Randy just posted that after months of beta-testing with no significant issues, Copter-3.3 has been released.

This version and all future versions of Copter only work with fast CPU boards like the 3DR Pixhawk (and compatible) boards, VRBrain, NAVIO+ and of course with the BBBMINI.

Slower CPU boards (APM2.x) just work with previous Copter-3.2.1 release.

APM:Plane 3.4.0 released


Tridge announced the release of version 3.4.0 of APM:Plane.

This is the last release with APM1/APM2 support and the APM1/APM2 release is missing quite a few features that are on the Pixhawk and other more capeable boards like the BBBMINI ;)

There are lots of changes so read carefully about all details here.

3D Printable Case for BBBMINI and BeagleBone Black


Thanks to the help from Lance Flair we have now a 3D Printable Case for the BBBMINI.


bbbmini 1.4 case stl

It’s the first test and we have added the missed hole for CAN connection.

Were looking for feedback from our users, so feel free to send us your modifications / ideas

bbbmini case top



The first round of BBBMINI Rev 1.4 Kits were sold out quickly and are send out to the buyers already. We are out of stock now for some weeks.

Usually all needed parts coming in every two weeks or so.

If you want to be the next in the queue we recommend to Pre-order a kit right now.

The whole second round should be delivered around end october and there are a few kits left still from that batch.

Get yours now


From the great Beaglepilot (APM running under Linux on a BeagleBone Black board) team, a tempting glimpse of something cool. APM:Submarine

I recently tinkered with Tom Coyle and we thought it would be really cool to get that vehicle code going as well. If only we could clone a few developers a few times each ;)