3D Printable Case for BBBMINI and BeagleBone Black


Thanks to the help from Lance Flair we have now a 3D Printable Case for the BBBMINI.


bbbmini 1.4 case stl

It’s the first test and we have added the missed hole for CAN connection.

Were looking for feedback from our users, so feel free to send us your modifications / ideas

bbbmini case top



The first round of BBBMINI Rev 1.4 Kits were sold out quickly and are send out to the buyers already. We are out of stock now for some weeks.

Usually all needed parts coming in every two weeks or so.

If you want to be the next in the queue we recommend to Pre-order a kit right now.

The whole second round should be delivered around end october and there are a few kits left still from that batch.

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BBBMINI is now Open Hardware

Mirko just released the BBBMINI Rev 1.4 as Open Hardware with the following improvements:

  • Connector for Ultra Sonic Range Finder HC-SR04
  • Voltage divider at pin RC_IN (RCIN) to connect 5V signals to RC_IN (RCIN), now it is possible to connect a 5V RX to the BBBmini without an external level shifter.


Read the full post on diydrones.com

BBBMINI DIYdrones group

We now have a BBBMINI – DIY Drones User group with Discussion Forum for hardware, software related topics and general exchange.

Were looking forward to welcome you on board and hearing about your build.


You can find us below on your favorite social network as well

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BBBMINI enhancement

bbbmini pcb

About three months ago Mirko Deneke introduced the BBBMINI  a DIY Cape for the BeagleBone Black.

The BBBMINI should make it easy to start with Ardupilot running on Embedded Linux. It also keeps the DIY spirit, so it has no SMD parts to solder and only 0.1” pinheader to connect external hardware. So you do not have to struggle with DF13 connectors if you want to change the cable pinout.

Mirko got good feedback and decided to make things easier which seems some people stuck with, when they build a BBBMINI.

The first thing is wiring a BBBMINI up on a Proto Cape board. It is prone to errors and remote support is difficult. The Proto Cape wiring is also not so reliable. So he sat down and designed the BBBMINI PCB.


  • 0.1” / 2.54mm pinheader
  • Use GY-9250 and GY-63 sensor breakout board
  • Free SPI connector for additional sensors like a second IMU, …
  • Free I2C connector for additional hardware like external Mag, LED Controller, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, …
  • Free UART for additional hardware like Telemetry Radio or second GPS
  • CAN Bus TRX so BBBMINI is UAVCAN ready
  • 12 PWM OUT
  • Extra PWM OUT for X-Quad
  • 1 RC IN

There is now a Rev 1.2 version of the PCB which fix a power issue of the Rev 1.0. After successful testing  all necessary files will be released on the BBBMINI GitHub page.

BBBmini Rev. 1.2 top


Also there is now a prebuild Image which you just write to a sdcard and direct boot from the sdcard with RT-Kernel and Device Tree already loaded at startup.

Debian 8 with BBBMINI support:

  • GCC 4.9 so you can compile Ardupilot direct on the BeagleBone
  • Kernel 4.0.4 RT PREEMPT already installed and loaded at startup
  • Device Tree for BBBMINI already loaded at startup
  • Further information is available on the BBBMINI GitHub page.