How Green Is Your Linux ArduPilot?


I recently discovered the very good looking BeagleBone Green (BBG) from seedstudio and i am thinking about buying one for another BBBmini build. I can tell you already that it will not only fly the copter or drive the rover but ….

They have removed the HDMI Port and power connector which probably reduces the weight. Pretty nice finish as far i can tell from the pictures, should look awesome with an Green BBBmini PCB on top i think.

There are additional connectors for I2C and UART0 for external components and debug purposes. One just needs to remember to buy the cables as well because they use a proprietary connector called “Grove”.

In Germany EXPtech is selling them here and here and it is around 10-15 bucks cheaper than the original BeagleBone Black.

Maybe as early Christmas present for myself i can justify to buy it right now or maybe should i ask my Finanzminister first ;)