Helicopters and rocket-planes

Andrew Tridgell held a talk at the Linux.conf.au 2016 and tells about the more crazy projects he is been working on.

The BBBmini is also mentioned in the talk :)

“ArduPilot on embedded Linux boards is now flying on a wide variety of
vehicles. In this talk I will present three very different examples of
ArduPilot based aircraft and describe the unique challenges of each.

The smallest is the tiny Parrot Bebop, which has been running Linux for
a long time but now can run ArduPilot. The ArduPilot dev team has been
working closely with Parrot on the port, and it is now flying very
nicely. I’ll give some demos at the conference.

The loudest is a 700 sized petrol helicopter, which turned out to be a
real challenge for vibration handling, and also had some interesting
issues with IMU filtering.

The craziest is the Lohan rocket plane, which aims to fly at supersonic
speeds 20km above the ground, before doing an autonomous landing at
Spaceport USA (or possibly creating a new crater in the ground nearby!).”

Linux on flying robots is really going mainstream now!