• What is the best and easiest hardware board to use for Linux based autopilot?

ArduPilot Linux support is pretty green at this time so its mainly meant for autopilot hobbyists, professionals, developers and linux geeks

There is no firmware uploading possible in MissionPlanner or apmplanner2 right now so we assume you have some skills with linux already.

    • Are there other Linux Autopilot available ?

The BBBMINI was not the first ArduPilot Cape for the BeagleBone Black.

Look for the PXF Cape or the Erlerobotics stuff. The guys at Emlid making a great Rpi shied as well .


    • Is the use of a logic level converter necessary?

The four ESCs are connected without logic level converter.
The GPS should be connected with logic level converter, but its more easy to use a 3.3 Volt GPS. You should not connect 5 Volt signals to BBB inputs.

  • What kind of receiver can be used?

You need a PPM Sum, CPPM or SBUS receiver.
If your receiver doesn’t do ppm or SBUS you can get a ppm encoder.
But a receiver that does SBUS CPPM or PPM will be better.

  • whats the purpose of the Connectors labeled RC_1, RC_3 and RC_4 on the board.

The RC_1, RC_3 and RC_4 pins are the outputs for a Quad-copter.
For a connector description look here.

  • Is there support for voltage monitoring ?

Voltage monitoring is not supported at the moment.

  • When i try to throttle up or send other commands from the radio, the motors don’t respond to any of them.

You need to arm the ArduCopter. Please check the docs here. http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/arming_the_motors/

  • I have problems with ToneAlarm: Error.

Thats is ok, the BBBmini has no ToneAlarm.

  • Some features do not work ?

The ArduPilot support of Linux boards is still a little bit ‘green’ and some features do not work, yet. For example there is no Safety Switch because its not supported yet also the LEDs do not work. Hopefully someone will add that feature in the future.

  • What’s the meaning of life?
    Uh, we’ll get back to you…
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If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, please take a look at the docs or search the BBBmini user group/forums on diydrones.com or you can to visit chat with us gitter.im/mirkix/BBBMINI.