enhanced BeagleBone ahead?

There are rumours about the soon? to be released BeagleBone enhanced and it seems it will have MPU6050 Triple Axis Accelerometer / Gyro and LPS331AP MEMS pressure sensor integrated as well as gigabit Ethernet. Good old 6050 should be replaced for a MPU9250 or so, not sure how good or Accurate the baro will be. […]

How Green Is Your Linux ArduPilot?

I recently discovered the very good looking BeagleBone Green (BBG) from seedstudio and i am thinking about buying one for another BBBmini build. I can tell you already that it will not only fly the copter or drive the rover but …. They have removed the HDMI Port and power connector which probably reduces the […]

BBBMINI is now Open Hardware

Mirko just released the BBBMINI Rev 1.4 as Open Hardware with the following improvements: Connector for Ultra Sonic Range Finder HC-SR04 Voltage divider at pin RC_IN (RCIN) to connect 5V signals to RC_IN (RCIN), now it is possible to connect a 5V RX to the BBBmini without an external level shifter. Read the full post […]