BBBMINI is now Open Hardware

Mirko just released the BBBMINI Rev 1.4 as Open Hardware with the following improvements: Connector for Ultra Sonic Range Finder HC-SR04 Voltage divider at pin RC_IN (RCIN) to connect 5V signals to RC_IN (RCIN), now it is possible to connect a 5V RX to the BBBmini without an external level shifter. Read the full post […]

BBBMINI enhancement

About three months ago Mirko Deneke introduced the BBBMINI  a DIY Cape for the BeagleBone Black. The BBBMINI should make it easy to start with Ardupilot running on Embedded Linux. It also keeps the DIY spirit, so it has no SMD parts to solder and only 0.1” pinheader to connect external hardware. So you do not […]


Welcome the BBBmini to the exiting new world of Linux autopilots. The BBBmini is a open hardware (BeagleBone Black + BBBmini-PCB ) and software (APM) Linux-based autopilot designed by Mirko Denecke. It offers a easy start into the Linux autopilot world for developers, students and geeks. Follows the Kiss principle and aims to be a […]