Before You Fly


The ArduPilot support of Linux boards is still a little bit ‘green’so please be carefull.

If you are new to the topic you want to have a look at the Documentation first.

By using the BBBmini you acknowledge that you are a death-defying, fun-loving, thrill-seeking electronics enthusiast that may or may not leave unharmed.

You also understand that these are potentially dangerous vehicles under their own control.

Know what you’re doing with the hardware and electricity. I take no reponsibility for damage, harm, or mistakes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Happy hacking!



The responsibility for compatibility or suitability of system components selected for use with this kit is born by the person who assembles the overall system or determines its specification. Since the BBBMINI can be employed under a very wide range of operation conditions, the decision regarding their suitability for a particular application must only be made after carrying out an accurate analysis and / or tests designed to ensure that the system satisfies the specific requirements.

It is not permissible for children under fourteen year of age to use the BBBmini DIY autopilot kit. If a young person is to assemble, operate and maintain an BBBmini system, he must be supervised by an experienced and responsible adult.