About the BBBmini DIY Linux Autopilot project

beagle tux apm

The BBBmini is a low-cost, open-source Linux autopilot based on the APM flight stack and the BeagleBone Black cape build by Mirko Denecke.

The BBBmini Kit is an optimized collection of parts and pieces to experiment with at home, school or work. It serves as community-supported development platform for developers and hobbyists.


Mirko wrote on diydrones:

“BBBMINI is for people who want to build a Linux autopilot based on ArduPilot themselves.
BBBMINI is based on a BeagleBone Black connected to a MPU-9250 IMU and a MS5611 barometer.
Both the IMU and barometer sensor can be purchased ready soldered on a breakout board by many manufacturers.”

Objectives of the project:

– DIY project, build a Linux autopilot based on ArduPilot with a minimum of hardware
– no SMD soldering required
– DIY friendly 2.54 mm pin header to connect external hardware
– connection to ground station via (wireless) LAN, or other telemetry radio
– easy start into development ArduPilot for Linux
– Great for students and those that want to get their feet wet
– inexpensive

BBBmini Rev. 1.5 PCB
BBBmini Rev. 1.5 PCB

Features and Supported protocols

  • Compatible with all ArduPilot software flavors: (ArduPlane, ArduCopter, APMrover2 and AntennaTracker).
  • MPU-9250 10DOF IMU
  • Digital High accuracy Barometer
  • PPM and SBUS input, 12 RC_OUT PWM Channels
  • UART4 & UART5 port
  • CAN Bus interface
  • External SPI Bus connector for additional hardware
  • External I2C Bus connector for additional hardware.
  • Additional ESC out connectors for X-Quad configuration.
  • Dedicated HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder connector


ArduPilot for Linux is experimental, so please take care, it comes with absolutely no warranty.


For more information please visit GitHub: https://github.com/mirkix/BBBMINI


Hmm… it looks like you’re seriously interested in autopilots. Please consider buying the BBBmini DIY Kit to support the project and feel free to join the community.